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OXCO are proud suppliers of the
Noroo floor coating system.

Top of the range adhesion, appearance, durability and chemical resistance.
Commonly used in performance epoxy flooring for warehouses, commercial and residential applications.


Creating high-performance seamless floors for all types of industrial applications including specialty areas like hygiene and chemical resistant surfaces, showrooms and amenity areas.

Highlight high-risk or no-vehicle access areas by using colour to create a visual element to further de-risk your workplace.

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Medical environments

Easy cleaning is essential in hospital and medical care flooring and Oxco epoxy flooring is the perfect match for a high-traffic, hardwearing surfaces. Noroo expoy flooring has been used extensively around the world for your peace of mind.

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Schools & Education

Education facilities require hardwearing floors for the large volume of foot traffic and Oxco’s epoxy range has the perfect solution to ensure your floors aren’t constantly requiring expensive maintenance and replacement.

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Commercial Kitchens & Restaurant

Hygiene and easy clean flooring are essential for efficient and safe kitchen or food preparation areas. When you need a high-performing floor that will stand up to the rigors of your operations, use a commercial grade epoxy from Oxco.

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Retail spaces

Whether you need a vibrant colour, or a fresh natural look, utilising Oxco flooring epoxy gives you a wide range of options to create the shopping experience you want in your development. Utilising a high-end commercial grade epoxy will be paramount to ensure minimal maintenance for heavy wear areas.

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