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OXCO Masterseal

Markham Masterseal Product
– now distributed by OXCO.

Internal & external clear satin sealer with traction enhancement. MASTERSEAL concrete sealer is a roller applied film forming sealer, providing a satin, UV stable, wet-look finish with integral traction enhancement for non-slip.

– UV stable & wet-look finish –
– Integral traction enhancement for non-slip –

How it works

Concrete sealer with improved slip resistance

OXCO MASTERSEAL is a clear satin finish concrete sealer. This product is a solvent based UV-stable concrete sealer making it ideal for use interior and exterior. OXCO MASTERSEAL concrete sealer has integral non-slip additives to assist traction for car tyres and people, making it safer in the wet. OXCO MASTERSEAL can also be used to protect concrete pavers and concrete flagstones

Key benefits

OXCO Masterseal

Enhances the colour

For diamond ground concrete, it leaves a natural satin finish and enhances the contrast of diamond ground concrete.

Better bonding

Better bonding than regular sealers, meaning that the heat from car tyres will not pull the sealer away from the surface.

Brush or roller application

OXCO MASTERSEAL is applied by brush or roller application. We recommend any application is completed by a qualified professional painting contractor using a “wet edge” procedure. OXCO MASTERSEAL concrete sealer is available in 18.9 litre pails.

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Concrete sealing FAQ’s

What you need to know

Colour saturation in concrete sealers refers to the degree to which the colour of the concrete surface is intensified or made more vivid when the sealer is applied. Concrete sealers can be formulated with pigments to enhance the colour of the concrete, and the level of saturation will depend on the type and amount of pigments used. High-saturation sealers will provide a more intense and vibrant colour, while low-saturation sealers will have a more subtle effect. In many cases, the colour saturation can be adjusted by the user by applying more or fewer coats of the sealer. The choice of sealer and the desired level of colour saturation will depend on the specific application and the desired aesthetic effect.

The best type of concrete sealer, whether water or solvent based, depends on the specific application and desired outcome as they both have their own unique advantages and disadvantages.

Water-based concrete sealers:
  • Are typically more environmentally friendly and have lower VOC emissions than solvent-based sealers
  • Dry quickly and have low odour when applicating
  • Are often easier to clean up with just soap and water
  • Can enhance the colour of the concrete surface and improve its overall appearance
  • Can be more flexible and less likely to crack or peel
Solvent-based concrete sealers:
  • Typically offer better penetration and protection for the concrete surface
  • Can provide a longer-lasting, more durable finish
  • Offer a wider range of sheen options, from matte to high-gloss
  • Can be more resistant to UV light and weathering


The best type of concrete sealer for a particular application will depend on the specific needs and requirements of the surface, such as the desired level of protection, the type of environment it will be exposed to, and the desired aesthetic effect. It is important to carefully consider these factors and choose a high-quality concrete sealer that is formulated for your specific application to achieve the desired outcome.

For the perfect
concrete finish,
choose Oxco.

For the perfect
concrete finish,
choose Oxco.

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